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How to Submit Your Blogger Website to Google News


How to Submit Your Blogger Website  to Google News
Google News 

In this article I tell you how to subscribe to Google News for Blogger Website.

What is Google News?

Google News is an automated news aggregation site operated by Google. The original idea was formed from Google Site Ranking, developed in 2001 by Krishna Bharat, the head of Google Research. No one can replace its homepage or content.

How to sign up for Google News for Blogger Website

To subscribe to Google News for Blogger Website, you should visit the Publisher Center page.

You click on Ad Publication, you enter the publication name which is similar to the name of your Blogger Website.

1. Basic Information

Publication Name: Enter Your Blogger Website Name

Description: Enter your Blogger Website details

Category: Choose your Blogger Website category and topic

Primary language: Select the language of the Blogger Website

Allow automatic translation: Check to have it automatically translated

Website URL Properties: The more you add your Blogger Website link, note that verification must be done

Location: Choose your country

Contact information: You add gmail, and tick both:

  1. Technical issue
  2. Product update.

Delivery activities

  1. Country: Global
  2. Google Products: All Products Allowed

Tracking: You add Analytics code or leave it blank

 2. Content

Category: Click to add a new category, select Feed, under Add Feed:

Category Name: You Enter Your Blogger Website Name

RSS or Atom Feed URL: Enter the following:

And change the domain in your Blogger Website domain at

Viewing rights: Any

Feed Options: Create the correct article from the feed

Display Options: Use Instant Mobile Pages (Recommended)

Remove Duplicate Images: leave it blank

Content tag: Add a new content tag (you can edit your link on the URL).


Label: Blogging

Verify URL Ownership: You enter your Blogger Website homepage link there

3. Photo

Square Logo: You create and upload a logo file size 512 x 512 pixels.

Wide logo (recommended): This section can be left blank, to be professional when displaying on the Google News app, when viewed by phone, you should insert 2 light and dark logos according to its instructions.

4. Advertisement

If you have an Adsense account on the Blogger Website page, you connect it, if you don't have it, skip this section

5. Advanced

This section is ignored, if you are interested in it, you will learn more

6. Review and issue

Finally, press Publish and wait for browsing, note that if the button is hidden, you wait for more updates, then re-enter.