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What is SEO ? How to do SEO


what is seo and how it works in hindi
How to do SEO

If you to have just created a blog on your own, but perhaps your blog will not get ranked on Google because you will be disappointed because if your blog does not rank on Google, then traffic will not come on your blog. But you must have thought that even though you wrote your content very well, why didn't your blog rank? So the answer is that you wrote the content very well, but you did not use SEO in that content.

If you are new to blogging, you might not know what SEO is? 

Suppose that the topic on which you have written the article is already available on the topic of thousands of articles on the Internet, so in between so many articles, where to put your article, how can Google robot know about it? So that's why we write our article according to SEO, with the help of which Google shows your article in the right position, if you want to rank your blog on the first page of Google, then you have to do SEO very well. If you don't know what SEO is and how to do it? So, we will read this post from beginning to end, because in this we are going to give you every information related to SEO.

What is SEO?

The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This means that to prepare your blog according to the search engine so that it can be ranked on Google and you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog. If we do SEO of our blog well, then in any search engine, if someone searches for something related to your blog, then your blog will be seen first there. SEO is a means by which you can get a lot of traffic.

Why is SEO Important?

Whenever we create a website or blog, we hope that more and more people read our blog. In today's era, there is a lot of blogs and websites on the Internet, in such a situation, we have to rank our blog at the top among so many blogs, only then our blog will reach the maximum number of people, then this ranking For this we use SEO.

Types of SEO

There are Two types of SEO

1. On page SEO
2. OFF page SEO


what is on page seo in hindi
What is On-Page SEO

What is On page SEO?

On page SEO means that you have to optimize your content so that it can rank. In this, you have to design very well in a blog or website which will be liked by your audience as well as Google, and in addition to that the speed of your blog should be good and the quality of your posts written should also be good. And the tittle, heading of your post should also be good so that the search engines can find your blog easily. To do this kind of optimization, you have to take care of some of the following.

1. High Quality content: 

If you want your article to rank at the top of any search engine, then the quality of your content should be very good. The meaning of high quality content is that if you are writing on any particular topic, then you have to understand everything related to that topic very well in your article and always try to get a single article of more than 500 words Should be

2. Blog Design

Sometimes some new bloggers often choose the theme of their blog without thinking anything but perhaps they do not know that the design of their blog also has a great impact on ranking. We should keep the design of our blog very simple and attractive and navigation of our blog should also be very easy.

3. Website speed

This is a very important part of on page SEO. In this, we try to increase the loading speed of our blog, that the sooner our blog opens, the better it is for us because if your blog takes time to load, then maybe your blog is Google or someone else The first page of the search engine will not be ranked. Always try to get your blog open within 5 seconds because if any visitor tries to open your blog and your blog does not open quickly, then they will move your blog to another blog at the other end and this will make Google understand. That your blog is not that good and it affects your blog ranking a lot.

4. Tittle tag

The tittle tag of each post tells the search engine what your post is about, you should always try to keep the tittle of your post less than 70 words and it must contain the specific keyword of your post and tittle always write such People get attractive towards your post by reading.

5. Meta description

Meta description means a short summary of any of your posts which can be understood by reading what the post is about. You must have noticed that whenever you search something, there is something written under every title on it, it is called meta description. You try to write your meta description in 160 words and it must contain your keyword.

6.Images Alt Tag

Whenever you put any photo on your blog, there is an option of alt tag on it, many bloggers ignore it but you need to use alt tag in the photo because the search engine then your photos Can not read it, but by reading the Alt tag in your photo, you understand what is in your photo.

7. Interlinking

You have often seen that whenever you are reading a blog, a link to other posts comes in between, it is called interlinking. It is also a part of On Page SEO and it also increases the ranking of your blog.


types of off-page seo
Off-Page SEO Tools

What is OFF page SEO?

As we know that in on page SEO, we do all the optimization within the blog, but in OFF page SEO, the work outside the blog is done. It consists of main link building work. With the help of off page SEO, we promote our blog or website.

Some ways to SEO OFF page are given below.

1. Guest Post

Suppose I have a blog on one of the topics, now we see that the blog from Ko associated with my topic is very famous, now we also write a post for the blog which is already very famous, by doing this we need to Famous blogs provide backlink which increases traffic to our blog.

2. social media sharing

You can create a page of related topics from your blog on social media and share your post there. In today's era, everyone is active on social media, by sharing the link of the blog on social media, you get a very good response and in such a way the possibility of increasing traffic on your blog increases even more.

3. Q&A sites

There are many questions & answer sites on the Internet of which Quora is the most famous sites, here people ask their questions. Here, you have to answer the question related to the topic related to your blog and after the reply, you will also have to give a link to your blog, by doing this, whenever you get any answer, then in the end they will click on your link and It will reach your blog.

4. blog commenting

If you see a blog associated with the topic of your blog, which has a lot of traffic, comment on the post of that blog and put a link to your blog in that comment, from here you will get a very good backlink

5. Search engine submission

After writing any blog, first of all we have to tell the search engine so that it indexes our blog and appears in the search result. For this, we have to submit our blog in some main search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc.

6. Blog directory

Friends, there are many blog directories on the Internet where you can submit the URL of your blog, by doing this you will get a good backlink but some blog directories are free and some also cost money.

So guys, I hope you find this post SEO kya hai aur SEO kaise karte hai?

You must have understood very well, if you have any questions or suggestions related to our blog, then do tell us in the comments and if you liked this post, then share it as much as possible so that this information can reach those new bloggers too. Those who work hard on the blog, but their post is not able to rank.