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What is Event Blogging? How to earn money from Event Blogging


how to earn from event blogging
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The popularity of Event Blogging is increasing very fast these days and almost all bloggers do event blogging, and you have come to this post, it means that you also want to start event blogging, the only reason for event blogging to be popular. Is that money, with the help of event blogging you can make a very good income in two or three days

Event blogging is also called short cut of blogging because in the whole world of blogging, event blogging is the only way in which money can be made very easily.

What is Event Blogging? How to make money from Event Blogging

If you ranked on Google first page in event blogging, then you will earn as much money in two or three days as you will not be able to earn in 6 months, if you do not know what is event blogging and how to do event blogging. , Then after reading this post completely you will understand everything about event blogging

What is Event Blogging?

Event blogging means blogging on an event, in event blogging, you have to blog about the event that the event is going to come in a few days.

In event blogging, within a few hours millions of people come to your blog and get information related to that event, and for your information let me tell you that the event on which you have created a blog, after the event is over There will be no traffic on your blog, then you will have to create a blog on the upcoming event.

How to do Event Blogging?

If you also want to do event blogging and want to earn more money in less time, now I am going to give you some information related to event blogging, in which I am going to tell you step-by-step how you can start event blogging.

Step 1- Choose Upcoming event

For Event Blogging, first of all you have to choose the event that is going to come in a few days, although many events keep coming, but you have to choose the event which is very popular because the more popular your event will be. More traffic will come on the blog

Here I am going to give you a list of some events from which you can choose any event and start blogging the event.

  • New year
  • Diwali
  • Holi
  • Cristmas
  • Eid
  • Valentine day
  • Republic day
  • Independence day
  • World cup

Step 2 - Keyword Research

Any blog is a part of successful blog, keyword research, if you create a blog without doing keyword research, then there is no guarantee that your blog will be successful.

Keyword research tells us that users search on Google by writing which keyword and which keyword has so much competition, so never forget to do keyword research before starting event blogging.

Step 3 - Purchase Top Level Domain

Choosing the top level domain is very important for event blogging, the top level domain helps you rank on the first page of Google, so it is important that you pick a very similar domain for the event blogging.

If you are creating an event blog on any festival or any other event in India, .in domain will be the best for you and if you are creating a blog on an event that is famous in the whole world, then .com domain will be best for you

Step 4 - Create A Blog

Now you have also found the keyword of the blog, you also have a domain, now it is your turn to create a blog, there are many platforms to create a blog but blogger and wordpress are the most popular platform, with the help of blogger you can Create a blog within 10 minutes

Step 5 - Select theme for your blog

Now your blog has been created on Blogger, but the blog you just created is the default theme of Blogger which does not look good, so you have to choose a good theme for your blog which is good to see and user Be friendly, you will also get many free themes on the internet, which you can download for free.

Step 6 - Write High Quality Content

Now your blog is ready, now it's time to put high quality content on your blog, remember that now you have to write very good content for event blogging, only then you will be able to rank your blog on the first page of Google

Each of your posts should be more than 2500 words and there should be at least 25 posts on your blog, only then your event blogging will be successful.

Make good use of keywords in every post and use all keywords related to your topic in your blog.

Make sure to use the photo in every post and it should be similar to the photo event because the audience is more attractive to see the photo, there are many websites on the internet where you will get the photo for free.

Step 7 - Search Engine Optimization

SEO i.e. search engine optimization is very important for your blog, there is no use of writing a blog without SEO because without doing SEO you cannot rank your blog on the first page of Google, so do SEO

If you do not know what SEO is and how SEO is done, then I have already told about the SEO on my blog whose link I am giving below, by clicking on this link.

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