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Reason for blogging failure in Hindi


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Reason for blogging failure

Now blogging has become very popular in our country too, not knowing how many people make their own blogs every day, but many of them go to the blogging end in the middle due to lack of success, but they do not know that after all Why blogging fails (blogging fail kyu hota hai)

Today we are going to tell you about some such mistakes which are often made to new bloggers due to which they are not able to succeed in blogging.

Reason for blogging failure in Hindi 

1. Blogging for money

The only reason behind the spread of 99% of bloggers is that they only need money from their blog.

Even some bloggers start dreaming of money before making a blog, and this dream causes their failure.

Many new bloggers think that the more articles they post on their blog, the more money they will earn, and in the beginning, in the beginning, they write many articles by themselves, but after many days they too start copying from another blog. Because of which their blog is unable to rank, they demotivate and end up blogging.

I do not say that you do not earn money from your blog, you must earn money, but only money should not be your only objective. If you will reach the right information and help people with the help of your blog, then surely one day there will be good traffic on your blog and you will be able to earn good money from your blog. So you do not have to fall into the temptation of money, only then you can become a successfull blogger.

2. Not updating the blog

Not always updating your blog is also the reason for bloggers failure. Many bloggers update their blog once in 10 days, but perhaps they do not know that it is a great loss for them to do so.

If a visitor comes to your blog again and does not get any new information, then after that he will never visit your blog. That is why you always keep your blog updated, at least 3 times a week, so please update your blog.

3. Always think about traffic

In today's time, when a new bloggers create their new blog, they definitely check their traffic status at least 20 times every day and they get very disappointed due to less traffic.

And if you repeatedly do traffic checks and if your traffic is very low, then it affects your mind, then always leave the traffic checking habit from today.

And many times new bloggers get frustrated with low traffic and go to the blogging end, so you never have to make such a mistake. You should focus your attention not on traffic, but on your content because if your content is good, then it will surely rank on Google and if your content ranks on Google, then definitely traffic will come on your blog and if one Once your visitor likes your content, he will definitely come back to your blog.

4. Ignoring SEO

This is a mistake that 95% of new bloggers make, they get so busy writing content quickly that they even forget that there is something called SEO without which their content is incomplete. And because of not doing SEO, their content is unable to rank on Google.

If you will optimize your blog according to the search engine, then believe that Google will send a lot of traffic to your blog. If you write content according to SEO on your blog, then the chances of new visitors coming to your blog are very high.

5. Do not reply to comments

Many times visitors have to ask you after reading your blog, they comment on your blog, but new bloggers often do not reply to comments which is the biggest mistake. If you want to become a successfull blogger, then you have to answer every comment. If you go to any popular blog, you will see the answer of every comment there.

If you reply to comments on your blog, then in a way it is a conversation between you and your audience and by doing this, the audience's trust is increased on your blog even more, and once on your blog someone If you become trusted, then it becomes your permanent visitor.

Therefore, you have to give value to every small comment on your blog and answer it properly, only then you will be able to please your visitors.

6. lack of knowledge

Blogging does not just mean that you just write content, but blogging really means that there should be some information in your content that someone should learn to read.

Many bloggers post anything on their blog in order to post more, in which there is nothing to learn, so if a visitor finds that post on your blog and gets something from that post If you do not get to learn, then your blog name gets spoiled in its view, then you always have to avoid such mistake.

It is better to write 10 extra content that you can write only 4 content, but write something in it that someone will get to learn and learn.

7. Lack of Patience

Many new bloggers think that after making a blog they will earn a lot of money in just a few months but it is totally wrong to think that blogging is not a two-day game.

If you want to succeed in blogging, then for this you have to work hard for at least 1 year, there is no shortcut to success in blogging, many bloggers work 2-3 months but after that they are not successful. Ending blogging, you don't have to make this kind of mistake at all, you need to be patient, only then you can succeed in blogging.

The reason for spreading in the blogging mentioned above / blogging me fail hone ka karan is to understand you well and if you also make such a mistake, then you have to give all these mistakes from today, only then you can succeed. Huh.

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