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How to Increase Google Adsense CPC


How to Increase Google Adsense CPC
Adsense CPC Rates by Country

Friends, every blogger wants that he can earn maximum money from his blog, for this almost all bloggers use adsense ad network, but many times more money making dreams are not fulfilled. Because the CPC of their adsense is very low, it is very important to earn more money from adsense, cpc of your adsence is a bit more, if cpc is less then your income will be less, so in this post today We are going to give you some information related to how to increase the cpc of adsense.


How to Increase Google Adsense CPC ?

What is CPC?

cpc is something that every adsense user pays attention to, CPC- Cost Per Click in full form, though it is being known by name, it means how much ad click you are getting. , If your blog will have more CPC then obviously you will get more money for every click, and if CPC is less then you will get less money for clicks.

Why is High CPC Important?

Increase of CPC is very important for every blogger, assuming you got 5 clicks in a day and your CPC was 0.05 dollar, that is, you got 0.25 dollar of 5 clicks throughout the day, and that's where you got the day. Got 4 clicks across and its CPC was 0.25 dollar i.e. you got 1 dollar from 4 clicks, then tell me that you benefited more than the 5 clicks of the previous day that you got more than today's 4 clicks, then your answer will be Today's 4 clicks have gained more because you got more cost per click in it, so now you must have understood why it is important to have more CPC.

How to increase CPC?

The CPC of a blog depends on many things such as which topic is on your blog (Niche), which country the visitors are on your blog (Audience), where you have placed ad on your page (Ads placement ), What kind of ads have you placed (Ads types), so now we are going to tell you about all these things, by following which you can increase the CPC of your blog and make a good income.

1. Blog Topic

Friends, the CPC of your blog depends on the topic of your blog, some topic pay CPC is high and some topic pay CPC is low, now I am going to tell you some high CPC and some low CPC topic.

High CPC topic - Insurance, Blogging, SEO, technology, health, hosting

Low CPC topic - General knowledge, Jokes, Shayari

So now you must have understood that the selection of the topic of the blog affects your cost per click, so for more cpc you have to select the topic whose cpc is more, now you will have a question that why Is that cpc is more on a topic and less on some topic, then the answer is that there are many topics related to which there are many products, due to which many advertisers advertise that product.

2. To many ads

Excessive ads may also be the reason for your low cpc, as many new bloggers get approval of adsense, they fill their blog page with ads, they think that if the blog is too much If all the ads are there then our visitors will like some ads and they will click on it, but it is totally wrong to think that it is not right to put more than 3 ads on one page and if there are many ads on the page of your blog. So the loading speed of your blog will also be reduced which is not right for you. So from time to time, put 3 ads on a page, even when your content is big i.e. around 1000 words or more.


3. Ads position

Where you have placed ads on your blog, it has a great impact on your earning, for example, assuming you have placed the lowest ads on your blog, then if the visitor will read a post on your blog and assume that Where your post was finished, it went back from there, so in that case the visitor did not see any ads on your blog, so it is very important to put the ads in the right place

Now the question is, where to put the ads on the end, then from where your post or article would start, place your ads exactly on it because when a visitor opens that post, then the ads will first be seen by him, in which he will be attractive towards that ads. Will and click


4. Image ads instead of text ads

Many times bloggers make the mistake that they like to put text ads in their blogs and do not pay attention to banner ads, then you should not make this mistake at all, because in banner ads, the image is there and the image of your blog It definitely attracts visitors and this is why banner ads have more income than text ads.

Now let's talk about the cost per click of both these ads, so it has often been seen that every good and big company brand has ads, they are all banner aids and big company spends more money on their ads. That is, the cost per click of banner ads is high, so if you also want that your blog has more CPC, then you should use banner ads on your blog.

5. Traffic country

Which traffic is coming from your country on your blog, it affects CPC very much, in fact Adsense has fixed different cost per click for every country.